Owning a property is a great feeling particularly for someone who had toiled for years to make his dream come true. Though it may sound materialistic, a property stands as a symbol of hard work one has put over the years. Hence, when a necessity arises for a family to be away from their property owing to their jobs, which require them to relocate to some other area, the natural concern would be about the management of property in their absence. In some cases, the property is purchased from investment point of view and hence could be away from their place of residence. This is the time when one starts looking for property management services.

If you happen to be looking for such agencies, which offer property management services, it would do well to know about the services offered by these agencies so that you would know what to ask for and what to expect. Agencies offering property management services deal with independent houses, flats and villas. Once you enter into an agreement with one of the agencies, it becomes the responsibility of the agency to let your property for rent by identifying the right tenant. This is done by advertising through local media about the property available for rent. The replies to the advertisement are attended promptly by the agency, which shows the property around to prospective tenants. A detailed report on those who had visited the site will be given to the owner to enable him to make a decision. Once this is finalized, the agency executes the rental agreement.

Property management services extend further. Rent is collected every month on behalf of the owner and deposited into owner’s bank account. The owner will receive a scanned copy of the deposit slip of the concerned bank. Apart from rent collection, regular visits to the property will be paid by the professionals in the agency to ensure that the property is properly maintained by the tenant and not misused in any way. Photographs of the property are taken and sent across to the owner during these visits. The visits are periodical but the agency is always willing to help the tenants in case of any difficulty. If there is any major repair work, the agency looks into it and appoints external contractors to identify the cause of repair and the nature of such repairs. If the research points out at the tenant to be the cause for such repair, the matter will be brought to the attention of the owner to enable him to take appropriate action.

Repair works are first attended by the property management services agency and later they bill it to the owner. One of the most important services offered by property management agencies is conducting Inventory audit. When a tenant possesses a property and when he vacates it, inventory audit is conducted. The reason behind such audit by the agency is to ensure that the physical assets are in good condition. Thus, the role of property management agency is very important and hence when you enter into an agreement with such an agency, you can be assured of quality services.