Appellate Attorney – When Your Case Needs A Review

You may have been illegally charged with a crime you didn’t comment, possibly even forced to take a ride “downtown” and spend a few days in the slammer. But you weren’t guilty and none of the facts say you were.

Hire an appellate attorney!

As small as the problem may seem, when you’re out and not looking back, if you were charged – you should know your rights. Those rights include an opportunity to appeal if you were wrongfully charged and did any time, or paid the fine, knowing you didn’t do anything wrong.

Ask for help.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking an attorney to plead your case, or asking for an appellate attorney to oversee your case. Perhaps, you’ve already had your case settled and it doesn’t look as good as you believe it should? Call an appellate attorney to get a better review of what your rights should be.

You need to follow through.

Your life may depend on it. If you have a record, it shows up. If your record shows up and it shouldn’t even be a record, you’ll want to get that fixed right away. Call an appellate attorney and solve that problem.

For instance:

When you live in Colorado and need to rent an apartment, your landlord does a criminal background check. If there’s anything in your record that shows up, including any judgments against you in court, you might not be able to rent a home. Those judgments would need to be removed by asking that they be appealed, and dismissed in the appellate court. Only a Colorado Appellate Attorney can do that.

Other states have similar laws, so while this may not be specifically tied to Colorado, there’s the boundary of my knowledge on this particular issue. I know about the laws in Colorado.

Fundamental law will get you through the hoops, if you’ve got a good attorney. But if you’re working with a second rate attorney and they mess you up. You’ll need someone who can fix you. The best thing you can do then is hire the top shelf, best attorney you can get to fix your problems. That means hiring the Barrister’s Best Appellate Attorney.

If you lost it in the lower courts, you’ll need confidence in the next level. So, don’t short change yourself and hire a numb nuts, fool in the chair, appellate kinda guy who won’t do his best for you.

Hire the BEST you can afford.

So, now that I’ve told you that, I’m going to share my story:

I’m out here working every day, busting my chops for a living. And I’m barely making ends meet. And then along comes this person that rattles my cage and convinces me that I can retire in bliss, if I do this one thing. All I have to do it write reviews of businesses and post them on my blog. Well, I do that, and I write some killer reviews of businesses I know about, but I forget to ask her how I get paid.

Time passes and I figure out how to get paid. She’d told me but I wasn’t listening. Then I got on her blog and she literally walked me through every single step of the process. From writing the review to sending it to the company asking for their “blessing” and getting paid to post their review on my blog. It was a really cool deal, and several of those companies paid me something to sponsor their blog post. A few hundred dollars here and there were pretty good. So, I started working up a client list and I’d go back to the originals and ask for more money for another review.

Then, I’m sitting in the Ford dealership and the lady walks in. She’s got the key to a brand spanking new RED Ford Truck in one hand, and the paperwork for a “give away” Ford Truck that she’s showcasing in her other hand.

What the heck?

So, I watched her. I waved at her. Then when the salesman went to get the rest of the paperwork, I walked up and asked what she was doing with the truck. She said, “I’m giving it away on my website.”

The deal is, she got paid a Red Ford Truck to advertise for this Ford dealership, and they gave her a second truck to give away – just like hers. All this for ads.

I saw the price of that truck. They paid her $47K for ads that year, plus they gave away another truck – same value.

That’s one heck of a traffic driving machine right there in those tight fittin’ jeans. And she didn’t even add any extra sway when she walked away!

Now, I figure if she can do it, I can do it right?

Well, I hiked up my britches, and smoothed the shirt over my beer gut into my belted khakis, and told the dealer, “I want a deal like that!”

Next thing I knew, I was wearing handcuffs, and talking to my attorney because the dealer thought I was trying to buy my some love.

I guess, there’s one thing my mama taught me. She told me if you’re in a hole stop diggin’ and shut the heck up, cuz you ain’t talkin’ your way out of a hole.

The numb nuts attorney wasn’t getting me out of trouble, so I waited until I could appeal my case.

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