The deadbeat dad law has a few differences from one state to another, and while the federal deadbeat dad laws are rarely enforced, the federal protection for some deadbeat dads is stoically enforced by child support enforcement agencies, hearing officers, general magistrates and even judges. This particular group of ‘perpetuating’ Dad’s isn’t just ‘exempt’ from both state and federal deadbeat dad laws, they also happen to be the biggest disgrace to father’s everywhere. They are military deadbeat dads, and if you think that ‘the military doesn’t allow their men to be ‘failure fathers’, you’re wrong.

The act known as the SCRA, Servicemens Civil Relief Act protects enlisted men who are overseas from a variety of civil lawsuits, which include paternity tests and divorce. One of the first sticking points is the paternity test. We all know that child support enforcement doesn’t exactly go ‘out of their way’ to get a paternity test and if your kids’ ‘paternal genetic template’ is military and designated ‘active duty’ he can invoke the SCRA.

Some actual attorneys can and will challenge the invocation, because there are in fact provisions in it that say that it cannot be used to flout obligations in civilian life. All military personnel have their DNA on record right here in the U.S. so there is no need to fly home from war to take the blood tests of old days. Refusal to to give permission to submit their DNA for a paternity test is nothing more than ‘flouting obligations in civilian life’ but CSE and ‘their’ attorney’s do not provide the litigation needed to make that argument before a court.