By definition, a trademark is a word, symbol or indicator that is legally registered. An intellectual property, in general, is a creation of the mind and includes things like inventions, literary work, names, images, symbols, designs and artistic work used in trade. As the name suggests, we use trademarks in trade. Trademarks make you or your business unique from others and this uniqueness brings about differentiation for you and your business from others in the industry. Differentiation gives your company a competitive edge in the ever-competitive business environment. For this reason, a company should protect its intellectual property at all costs. Protection of intellectual property starts with the registration of the property. Trademark attorneys are to help with issues regarding trademarks and the overall intellectual properties.

A trademark attorney is a legally qualified individual, who deals with matters of trademark law. He or she offers legal advice in matters relating to trademark designs and protection. Essentially, a trademark attorney is a lawyer, who has studied and specialized in matters of trademarks. Although different countries have different classifications in the legal services body, trademark attorney is a separately recognized profession, classified along with barristers and solicitors. In some places like the United States, the profession is not clearly defined. Classification of the trademark attorneys puts them as general legal professionals in these countries. A trademark lawyer can operate alone, but in many cases a number of attorneys come together to form of a firm. A trademark attorney firm deals with all matters relating to intellectual property and specifically trademarks.

As a company, your trademarks are your business and you should be ready to sacrifice funds to have this intellectual property protected. In case of trademark infringement, the company can go to court with the help of a trademark attorney. When a company has a vast interest in trademarks, it would be more economical and prudent for it to hire a trademark attorney to be working for it throughout. This avoids delays in case of a situation, where the company’s rights regarding trademarks have been infringed. Hiring a trademark lawyer on a full-time basis may seem expensive but it is not, considering the value the intellectual property has to the company. The attorney also helps in advising the company on what intellectual property to protect and which ones to not to protect as everything can’t be protected.

Protection of trademarks is not only for corporations. Protection of intellectual property is for everyone, corporation or individual, who has an intellectual property that they want protected by law. If you have that one special formula that keeps your small business unique from others and do not want competitors to copy it, protect it by the help of a trademark proprietor. Remember, losing your trade secrets to your competitors amounts to losing business to them. You no longer enjoy the differentiation that used to give you a competitive edge. No matter how simple a work of art is, protect it to avoid a situation, where competitors can copy it and use it to push you out of business.