I have come to realize that there is hundreds of people selling real estate flipping software and most of the software is completely garbage. How do you know if you are getting good software of junk? I have come to realize that there is only one real estate investing software that has worked for me. The software has stream lined my business and gave me success.

Why do you need real estate software?

For me personally I wanted software that I could easily access, keep all of my leads in place, use to market to leads, and evaluate deals in. If I could keep everything in order and in one place I could save time and money.

Without something to keep you organized its hard to keep yourself on track.

When I started my quest for the best software it took me 3 months to find it but then God answered my prayers. In January 2010 I started getting emails from investors about new software that was coming out. Everything that I had wanted in a real estate investing software they had. I realized that thousands of other investors where having the same problems I was and they wanted a solutions.

So what was that software? The software is called FreedomSoft.

Freedom Soft is software that can be used to manage your listings and contacts. The software was designed by flippers. It can be used by both landlords and people who flip houses.

The software helps to automate the marketing process of your business. There is not more need to spend hours on your marketing campaigns. You can easily create marketing campaigns and your leads instantly go into a data base.

A few things that make freedomsoft great is that you can evaluate a deal in minutes, send out direct mail campaigns, create a squeeze page in seconds, get instant leads, fill out a contract in minutes and tons more.

I could list out over 100 things that freedomsoft does.

Freedom Soft is a complete solution for investors and offers amazing value for the money.
I use Freedomsoft in my business daily and don’t know what I would do without it.

Even if you are just starting out in real estate investing having some a software that pretty much does real estate deals for you could make your life easier. Flipping Houses has become one of the fastest ways to financial freedom. And software makes achieving financial freedom easier.