Besides the legal aspects that a lease agreement covers, I feel there is much more that should get practiced to make the landlord-tenant relationship sweeter and to last longer. Fact that usually surprised me about this relationship is that humanly relations, over & above the legality & rules, keep both parties intact and I have often been amazed to note that many tenants live in their rented properties for decades. I believe this miracle can happen quite often if the two sides keep some handy points in mind. Here are some special recommendations in this respect:

• Receiving deposit, to the tune of one or three months’ agreed rent, is a usual practice. While it is best that the tenant pays it, it is highly recommended that the landlord provides a written acceptance or receipt of that amount. More than being a document, this makes a good first impression about each other and leads to the healthy beginning of a prospective association.

• Whether or not this has been incorporated in the lease agreement being signed, the landlord should handover his / her property clean & tidy and also whitewashed, if necessary. Similarly, the tenant must handover the property as it was when acquired. This way, tenants leave room for a possible re-association. I have significantly seen that when landlord-tenant relations are affable, they are likely to coming together again.

• When sharing wisdom on any kind of relation, be it the husband-wife, boss-subordinate or the tenant and landlord, I cannot miss communication as an important tool. It might be by way of a letter, an email, a telephone call or simple texting; it is desirable that the dialogue keeps open for both. All through these years, I have predominantly seen that more the communication, fewer the chances of any conflicting situation or need to use the legal contract.

• In the course of tenancy period, it is possible that the tenant has missed out monthly rents. Landlord too can forget to handover monthly receipt of payment made. However, if the parties are committed enough to their relationship, they will use polite reminders to point out. Such a cordial correspondence leads to clarity amongst landlord and tenant and ascertains an enviable relationship.

The tenant and landlord relations astound me for the some interesting facets – some associations die early while many other individuals go on and on as landlord-tenant without any grievances. Undoubtedly, the latter group enhances my confident that this kind of warmth can be repeated many times if the two parties remain true to each other!